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When Jesus told the small group of Christian believers before the Day of Pentecost that He was sending them to preach the gospel to the world, the goal sounded laughably oversized. But, through the power of the Spirit, they did exactly as He commanded. We believe that we are heirs to this commission to see every nation, tribe and tongue obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that He has promised us all we need to achieve His goal.

At present, the New Ground network of churches is particularly represented in Europe, the continent that has attracted people from all over the world to its cities. We see this as part of God’s strategic plan to use us not just to revive backslidden Europe, but also to send church-planting teams to the ends of the Earth.

“To be strong in the continent of Europe is a massive strength for reaching the nations because the nations of the world are here,” says Everyday Church Wimbledon’s Phil Moore. “The Great Commission: Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, ends of the world – we are planning, thinking, praying, strategising: how do we plant churches across the nations?”

“We want to plant many churches in different nations. We have a great desire to get into new nations. New Ground is at the moment just into a number of nations, not many, but we fully expect we will, in the future, be working in many more nations that God will give us together.”  

— Dave Holden, New Community Church SE London 

Phil continues: “Living in London, I have just about every nation in the world living in the boroughs where my church operates. The Great Commission isn’t just about going; it can actually be about staying and reaching [those from other nations on our doorsteps].”

This is also true for Chris Taylor and Redeemer Church in The Hague. He says, “The Hague is such an international and influential city, we would love to see gospel influence taking root and then being able to spread further and be multiplied into other European cities. We love Europe. We absolutely feel God’s heart for Europe. The world comes to Europe and Redeemer Church is seeking to model something in The Hague that we can reproduce elsewhere.”

As we go forward together, taking new ground in the nations, isn’t it exciting to see what God will do?!

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