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A defining feature of Newfrontiers, our wider family of churches, has always been our commitment to being baptised in and filled with the Holy Spirit. As a movement, we have experienced and enjoyed some wonderful charismatic times in the past, but we are thoroughly confident that God has much more for us in the future!

“One of the hallmarks of New Ground as a family of churches is a great desire for the Spirit of God – to be open to Him,” says Dave Holden. “And a realisation that we can’t do what we’re called to do unless we are dependent upon the person of the Holy Spirit.”

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is so essential to being a Christian that Jesus told his followers not to even try to obey the Great Commission until they had experienced Pentecost. We want to help churches take new ground in their day-to-day experience of the Holy Spirit and charismatic gifts.

“When you read the Scriptures you see churches that have been filled with the Spirit and this is impacting everything that they do,” adds Stu Gibbs of Emmanuel Church in Greenwich. “They’re full of life, they’re full of joy; you see leaders that, when they preach the gospel, it comes with power, it comes with healing the sick, it comes with prophetic words that cause unbelievers to understand that God is real.”

“It’s not just ticking a box. We have an expectation of the Spirit’s presence and power, and to be shaped prophetically. This is key to our future together. We must have the presence of God, or we ain’t going to do this thing!” 

— Nick Sharp, Grace Church Nottingham 

Building churches that are committed to the Word and Spirit is one of our key values. We want all of our churches to be shaped by the presence of God, using all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, experiencing Him tangibly and powerfully so that we are transformed by Him.

Taking new ground in the Spirit is about all of our members being filled by the Spirit every day, so that together we are empowered by Him to take new ground in our own relationships with Jesus, as well as in our communities and across the nations. Have you been filled today?

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