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One of the areas in which we want to take new ground is in the Word of God. But what does this mean? Are we changing what we believe? Certainly not! God’s Word is perfect and timeless. It doesn’t change. But the challenges we face in understanding it do change, and it’s vitally important that we are equipped to deal with the theological challenges of our day.

“One of the biggest challenges facing our churches, which are currently mainly in Europe, is knowing how to relate to our societies, which are increasingly secular in their thinking,” explains Dave Holden, who leads New Ground. “The days of thinking in any shape or form that we’re communicating the gospel or what the Christian faith is all about to people who have any sense or knowledge of what that is – those days are now over.”

This means that there are some huge issues for our churches to contend with today – individualism, a tough economy, redefining marriage, increasing family breakdown, social networking, and many more – and so we want everyone in our churches to understand how to apply the timeless Word of God to our modern-day culture.

“We’re living in a culture that has turned away from the Word of God. We have a great desire to really see the Word of God as our authority for everything we do and what we believe, but also then to learn how to communicate it to an essentially non-churched world.” 

— Dave Holden 

But taking new ground in the Word isn’t only about communicating with our society; it’s also about us as individuals really getting stuck into the Bible. “Very practically,” says Phil Moore of Everyday Church in London, “taking new ground in the Word of God means for Christians to read the Bible every day: we want every single person in all of our churches to every day be growing in their understanding of God’s Word, because it’s life or death!”

We have a rich heritage in Newfrontiers as people who embrace and prize God’s Word and His Spirit, believing that both are absolutely essential for healthy churches and healthy Christians. That’s why Word and Spirit are two of New Ground’s core values. We want to help churches take new ground in their understanding of the Word of God, through Bible-reading, training, equipping and direction to deal with some of the issues of our day.

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