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Friday 25 August to Monday 28 August 2017

We are so looking forward to Ashburnham 2017, to be together again and especially with those from across the nations of Europe. We've invited some outstanding speakers from global organisations and churches for the main session talks and seminars, as well as introducing a series of equipping tracks. We want to be equipped and released as individuals, families and churches to be more effective within our communities.

We want each of you to leave Ashburnham with a fresh mandate to have an impact wherever you are. Whether that's in education or enterprise, government or gardening, healthcare or home, sport or school, you have a greater call to make a difference where God has put you.

We'd love you to join us at Ashburnham as we come together to celebrate all that God has been doing and discover His plans for us in the days ahead.

You can book now, and will find all the information you need by clicking through the links to the left.

Children will be grouped according to the school year they started in September 2016. See below for more information:
Children born between 01 Sept 1998 and 31 Aug 2005: Youth meetings (school years 7-13 as at Sept 2016)
Children born between 01 Sept 2005 and 31 Aug 2008: Adventurers (school years 4-6 as at Sept 2016)
Children born between 01 Sept 2008 and 31 Aug 2011: Superheroes (school years 1-3 as at Sept 2016)
Children born between 01 Sept 2011 and 31 Aug 2014: Ground Breakers
Children born between 01 Sept 2014 and 31 Aug 2017: Creche (self service)

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