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  • Where will I be camping?
    We automatically allocate a modest amount of camping space to everyone who books into Ashburnham. A few weeks before the event, we get in touch with every Church Coordinator to let them know the total amount of camping space allocated to their church group, with a map of their group’s camping area. Your Church Coordinator has the slightly daunting task of planning out your church group’s site and will let you know where you can pitch your tent.

    Those who come to Ashburnham to serve at the event will camp with their church group.

  • I have additional needs, what can I do?
    If you have any additional needs or access issues, please send an email to Sarah and let her know, as we'd love to help in any way we can. 

  • My tent is bigger than 5m x 5m, what should I do?
    We realise that many family tents will be bigger than the 5m x 5m we have allowed for an average pitch. (Hopefully some tents will be smaller to compensate!) As long as your Church Coordinator knows the ‘footprint’ of your tent, they will fit you into your church plot.

  • Can I bring a caravan?
    Yes, as long as your Church Coordinator can accommodate you on your church plot. Unfortunately we cannot provide electrical hook ups, although there are sluice points next to the toilets blocks.

  • Are BBQs allowed?
    No, however there is a brick BBQ on site. This must be pre-booked at the Information Point.

  • Is there anything I’m not allowed to bring to Ashburnham?
    We’re sorry, but here’s the stuff you can’t bring: bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, generators, BBQs (gas or otherwise) or pets (even very cute ones).

  • Are there any other site rules?
    Please observe a strict noise curfew in or near the camping areas and in the house from 11pm-7am.

    Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Ashburnham site except outside the reception area of the main building.

    Alcohol is not allowed in the house or public spaces but is permitted in the context of private family camping areas.

  • What is mobile phone coverage like?
    Mobile phone coverage is poor at Ashburnham Place, except for Vodafone.

  • What arrangements are there for safety/security on site?
    Your safety is our priority. We take your safety very seriously and will work with your Church Coordinator, who is the person with overall responsibility for your church group.

    Please be aware that the site is not totally secure and that your own security and that of your belongings is your responsibility at all times, so please take reasonable steps to ensure you and your children are safe. Also please co-operate with the Stewarding Team who are there for your safety and protection.

    Parents retain full responsibility for the supervision and safety of their children at all times, except when the children are in their meetings! Please be very vigilant of hazards such as the lake and the woods to ensure children are safe.

    Swimming and boating in the lake are not permitted under any circumstances!

  • Wristbands
    We ask everyone booked into Ashburnham to wear a wristband during the event. This ensures we can identify easily anyone not booked in, as well as all those who are – important in case of injury or accident. Those visiting for the day are also given wristbands to wear. In addition, all Ashburnham staff wear photo ID badges, and all contractors are given identity badges to wear on site.

  • What would happen in an emergency?
    A team provides First Aid cover on site and we have a Fire Officer in attendance throughout the event, with appropriate arrangements made with the emergency services, should an accident occur. And, of course, we make sure all sporting activities are carefully supervised with appropriate safety equipment.

  • What arrangements have you put in place for child protection?
    All our servers are asked to adhere to our Child Protection Policy and all those in direct contact with young people must have undergone a DBS (formerly Criminal Records Bureau) check.

  • What will happen to any lost property?
    If you lose something at Ashburnham please email [email protected]. If we’ve found it, we’ll return it to you, so please make sure you include your full name and postal address when you get in touch. We’ll donate to charity any items unclaimed after three months.

  • Is there the opportunity to serve?
    Yes! We are looking for 0-18s workers and stewards. For children’s workers this involves helping at all of the sessions, i.e. Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. Stewards will be on duty for 4-6 hours per day for each of the four days. Each server is entitled to a free camping place. Unfortunately we cannot give a discount to servers staying in the house.

  • What do I do if I want to serve?
    Click here to find out more about serving.

  • Can I hire a tent?
    If you would like to hire a tent or any items of camping equipment for the event, please click here for more details.

  • Where do I enter my discount code?
    When you’ve selected the ticket you want to buy, you need to scroll right down to the bottom of that same screen. There’s a box there where you can enter your code.

  • I’ve booked more than one person into the house, so why does my confirmation email only have my details?
    Don’t panic! It’s a quirk of the booking system we use. If you’ve booked in more than one person, we have their details as well as yours.

  • Do I need to bring my email confirmation to the event?
    Nope! We will have a master list at the gate; email confirmations are absolutely unnecessary.

  • Can my child join the children’s work for the age group above?
    Children will be grouped according to the school year they started in September 2016. See below for more information:
    Children born between 01 Sept 1998 and 31 Aug 2005: Youth meetings (school years 7-13 as at Sept 2016)
    Children born between 01 Sept 2005 and 31 Aug 2008: Adventurers (school years 4-6 as at Sept 2016)
    Children born between 01 Sept 2008 and 31 Aug 2011: Superheroes (school years 1-3 as at Sept 2016)
    Children born between 01 Sept 2011 and 31 Aug 2014: Ground Breakers
    Children born between 01 Sept 2014 and 31 Aug 2017: Creche (self service)
    Unfortunately, there is no flexibility for children to move up or down a group if they’re at the oldest or the youngest end of the spectrum. Rest assured, the children’s workers do plan their sessions to specifically cater for every age group they’ll be working with.

  • What about those serving at the event?
    If you would like to give something back to the event by serving as a steward or a children’s worker, then we would very much like to hear from you. Servers are entitled to a free camping place and there is the option to select this when booking. Unfortunately there is no discount for servers who wish to stay in the house. If you apply to serve as a camper you will automatically receive an email with a form to fill in and return with a reference from your church elder. If you book into the house and also wish to serve, you should email [email protected] to request the serving application forms.

    There will be different forms to fill in depending on whether you wish to serve as a steward or children’s worker. We will forward your completed forms to the relevant head of that ministry area to see if they need your help. Once they have your completed form and have taken up your references, we will either email you to confirm that you have been accepted as a server or, if you do not complete the necessary paperwork or meet the criteria, tell you (in the case of camping servers) that you will need to rebook as a normal delegate.

    Spouses and children of servers will need to book in separately and pay for their places.

  • What happens next?
    ​After you’ve booked your place online, whoever gave their details as the Booking Contact when the booking was made will receive an email, confirming the booking and giving a booking reference. Only the lead booker will be listed on the confirmation and sent an email, but don’t worry, we will have details of all the delegates you have listed on the online booking form, including all those staying in the house with you. You will not need to show these email receipts at the gate as we will have a list of all the delegates, but keeping a note of the booking reference will help if you wish to contact us with a query.
    You will also receive an email from Paypal confirming the transaction and giving a transaction ID. Please hold on to this email – if you have any query over your payment, you may need this information.

  • Can I amend or cancel my booking?
    If you wish to amend your booking, please email your request to [email protected] 

  • New Ground Churches relies on registration fees from delegates who book to maintain and sustain its events programme. Last minute cancellations and refunds can have a significant impact where we are already committed to an event and the associated expenditure. We therefore operate the following Cancellation and Refund Policy. Read it here.

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