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At Ashburnham 2017 we are teaming up with four outstanding organisations who will be equipping and inspiring each of us to make a difference.

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William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano, Hannah More and other 18th Century abolitionists transformed culture by ending the transatlantic slave trade. They stepped out in faith in seeking to set God’s people free. It’s inspirational to think that a small group of Christians in the UK ended slavery and transformed the world.

However, despite the great works of these abolitionists, there are now more slaves in the world than ever before. Over 45 million of God’s children are in slavery. Slavery has evaded extinction through adaptation and now manifests as bonded labourers in brick kilns, sex trafficked victims in brothels and cybersex trafficked victims exploited in their homes.

The cries of the oppressed have never been so many, and God’s heart for rescuing and restoring his lost children is as strong as ever. God’s love is relentless and we seek to be relentless in rescuing these victims too.

The time has come again for God’s people to rise up to break the chains of injustice, to set the oppressed free and to be a voice for the voiceless. International Justice Mission stands as the largest anti-slavery organisation in the world. Each year we rescue and restore thousands of slaves, and we also protect millions by enforcing justice systems. This is the goal of the 21st century abolitionists. Laws against slavery now exist, but these laws need to be enforced. IJM dreams that by making justice systems work to protect the poor this can be the last generation of slaves. Ever. This may seem a lofty task. But our empirical research shows that slavery really can end when justice is done by the police, the courts and the church.

At Ashburnham IJM is excited to share about God’s hope for the poor, the freedom we can bring to the enslaved and how we can be modern day abolitionists.

Get booked in for Ashburnham 2017.

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