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At Ashburnham 2017 we are teaming up with four outstanding organisations who will be equipping and inspiring each of us to make a difference.

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The Jubilee+ team works across the nation with all kinds of churches to increase their engagement with social action, justice issues and social enterprise. We have great links with all of the UK Newfrontiers ‘spheres’. We ran our Churches That Change Communities conference in East Grinstead (October 2015) alongside Dave Holden and the New Ground churches, and we’ve just come back from another great conference – this time in Darlington – where we worked alongside the many significant social action church networks in the north and north-east.

Team leader Martin Charlesworth says: “Jubilee+ has always been well connected to New Ground and we value that link and those friendships. I’m grateful for an invitation from Dave Holden to join you all at Ashburnham 2017. Our vision is to help to equip churches for the growing social challenges that we anticipate in Britain over the next decade. We are working with national church and Christian charity leaders in different sectors to develop ways to engage churches with key growing issues such as refugees, housing provision, care of the elderly and life skills. Also, we aim to be an effective voice for churches in the public square. We anticipate that more and more people will be listening to that voice as the years go by due to the amazing work done by churches in our communities and the urgent needs, which others realise they cannot meet.”

One of our current projects is the development of a national ‘go-to’ resource to help churches navigate the challenges of engaging with refugee support. We have a partnership with the Boaz Trust in Manchester to do this. Watch this space. We are also working on a follow-up book to The Myth of the Undeserving Poor, and we recently launched a new website.

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