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One Church | Four Venues

King's Church Hastings is going from being one church with two meetings, to being one church with four venues. Dan Glover tells us more.

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For a long time, the King’s Church Hastings community has had a heart for people not just in our town, but for those in the surrounding areas too. We have felt a call not just to serve the 90,000 residents of Hastings & St Leonards, but to reach out beyond our town’s boundaries to Bexhill and the villages around us.

Several people from Bexhill have travelled over to us for our Sunday meetings for many years. At the same time, there’s a whole group of people in Hastings & St Leonards who would find it very difficult to get to our building on the edge of town, as public transport links on Sundays aren’t great.

The influx from Bexhill and the difficulties others would have coming to us are two of the factors behind King’s Church Hastings changing from one church with two meetings to becoming one church with four venues. We felt God lead us into this journey.

Step one took place in January 2017 when we launched 6 o’clock church, which meets in Coffee Box at the Hastings Centre. It’s led by Aled and Louise Cousins and meets every Sunday evening at – you guessed it – 6pm. This venue looks very different to our 10am meeting. There is a lounge area, a bar, snacks on tables and a chance to connect and socialise. Apart from telling people all about Jesus and preaching the gospel, there’s a strong focus on building community. 

That’s just the beginning. Our morning service at the Hastings Centre will be re-launching later this year and we are also already holding monthly ‘vision and values’ evenings in Bexhill, ahead of launching a Sunday meeting there in January 2018. After that, we will go into Central St Leonards, where we are already reaching communities with our popular, free, dance group ‘Move’, which recently started new dance classes in the heart of the Central St Leonards community. Thanks to word of mouth the group has already seen a significant increase in numbers without much other promotion. We’re now seeing people starting to encounter the love of Jesus in an area that is very diverse, but also quite deprived.

This is such an exciting time for King’s Church as we go on this adventure with God. We can’t wait to see new people groups reached and coming to know Christ. We can’t wait to celebrate salvations, healings and baptisms. We are excited about what God will do and what he might have in store for us next!

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