Prayer: Baptisms in Crawley

Hearing testimonies of God transforming lives always releases fresh hope and expectation within the local church, and we are so thankful for the lives of these four and the encouragement that they are.

Dilly told us he’s always been searching, and from the moment he stepped into the church building, he felt at home. He came to know Jesus through Feed Crawley: a church ministry that takes good food that would otherwise go to waste and turns it into meals to feed those who need them. The team have an outstanding gift of hospitality, that opens up conversations in such unexpected ways. You’ll be able to find out more about Feed Crawley within the next month.

We also baptised two of our youth. Thomas told us how he was healed from asthma at this summer’s Newday after striking a deal with God. He had felt that his asthma had always held him back from being able to give his life to Jesus. The day after he was healed, he gave his life to Christ, and since arriving back from Newday has been wanting to get baptised.

Barbara came to join her family in Crawley earlier this year, having moved from Brazil. She told us that she wanted to be baptised to show her dedication to Christ and that in doing so, she could share her experience with others.

The fourth is Tumi, who was raised as a Christian but hadn’t had the courage as yet to be baptised. She decided on Sunday morning that it was the right time and the right place, and so courageously stepped out and into the pool.

The fifth of the four, was a 77-year-old lady who has now received the ‘ultimate baptism’. Just two weeks ago Pat died, the day after a great conversation planning her baptism. Having given her life to Jesus just last year, and a testimony of healing to a long-suffered back pain earlier this year, she received an almighty cheer and was honoured well at the end of the baptism celebration.

Let’s continue to pray for many more to be saved and baptised in our churches as we move forward together.