Prayer: Cluj, Romania

Since February when I came to plant the church in Cluj, we have seen God do some incredible things,

Lately, we feel that God is calling us to be more visible in our local community. It’s a challenge to step out in faith and to rely totally on Him, but we want to be obedient to God’s plan to take this ministry that we’ve launched in Cluj to the next level.

We believe that a New Testament church, must be a missional church. In order to be the ‘city on a hill’ Jesus spoke about, we have started some new missional activities. As Christians, we believe that being missional will make us more visible to the people of Cluj, and we can impact and reach the local community – this is what God wants from us.

God has given us a very clear direction and we are moving into this with a series of missional activities.

The first is English courses for the youth. We already have two groups of young people: one for beginners and the other for intermediates. We have seen great interest from the young people who are enjoying learning English. We have new teenagers who have been added to the group through English courses.

Another missional activity is teaching music to young people. As a result of this, we have established a music band with young musicians from the local community. We consider these missional activities as open doors for young people to come into the church and we are already seeing the fruit of this.

Please continue to pray for us in Cluj, that through these missional activities we would see more people come to the church and find salvation. Please also pray for the church to grow in faith and obedience to what God is calling us to, that we would all be reliant on God and His plans for this city.