Dave's Diary: July 2017

July 1st: Berlin Prayer Day at NCC

We believe that planting churches is the most effective way to see the world won to Christ. Planting in Berlin is a strategic move to see the 'great multitude that no one could number from every tribe and nation' (Revelation 7:9), established, including lots of Germans. God has promised gospel success among every people group. Pray that nation changing vision is planted in hearts, both for those who go to Berlin and those who pray for Berlin.

July 5th: A Day of Prayer for the UK

This is a significant gathering recognising that the promises over the Newfrontiers family, "You are more together than you are apart" and the call to “change the expression of Christianity” still hold. Please pray for the power of God to shape the churches that make up the Newfrontiers spheres to impact nations. Acts 4:24 tells what happens when people pray together for God to glorify Himself.

July 6th: UK apostles together

Dave is part of a group of apostles that lead the Newfrontiers spheres. Please pray for wisdom and passion to raise churches that impact their communities, their countries and their planet.

July 7 & 8th: Academy

For some Academy student, this will mark the end of two years of training. Please pray that Dave will speak vision, faith and purpose into those who are graduating, so that they leave looking forward to what God will do, rather than just looking back on two years of great study.

July 16th: NCC SE London ‘Altogether’ service

Dave will be sharing about New Ground work. NCC is one Church meeting in different venues. Please pray that as they gather together, they will glorify God with all their ability, that they capture the call upon them to see the gospel go to the boroughs of Bexley, Greenwich and Bromley.

July 18-24th: Mozambique

Please pray that Dave and Liz are able to greatly encourage the crowd of people who are working there. They will see the various projects that are being run there. Please pray that Dave and Liz will bring strength and encouragement to people working and witnessing in the country.

Dave and Liz will be going on a retreat with the local team speaking on spiritual warfare. Pray that these Churches will resist the devil, fighting spiritual battles with spiritual weapons.

July 24-31st: Zimbabwe

They will be speaking live, twice, at their Academy (160+ students) and inputting into River of Life Church – preaching 5 times. They will also be spending quality time away with Scott Marques and his wife Claire who leads the work in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Please pray for strengthening of the churches and the leaders that the witness and impact for the gospel might increase.

For both, please pray for good health and safe travelling, that connections won't be missed and that friendships will be strengthened.