Equipping Tracks

We are called together on a mission to introduce the world to Jesus and to shine the light of God’s Kingdom into the dark places of this world. Each of us has a unique part to play, yet we need one another – for encouragement, prophetic direction, accountability and because together we have the mind of Christ and we witness as the body of Christ on earth. The fields are white, there’s no problem within the harvest; the issue is with the labourers! These E-Tracks are about equipping one another for effective mission in the various mission fields in which we relate to others, through our work, our skills, our interests and our communities.
We’ve divided up these global fields into six areas or ‘domains’. The E-Tracks will not be run as teaching seminars, rather as opportunities to network, share stories, encouragements and challenges together. Each will last around 45 minutes and be facilitated in world-café style by a small group of people who have stories to tell about living, breathing and feeling called to that domain. There will be opportunity to pray with and prophesy over one another too.

Below is a brief description of each of the six E-Track domains. They will take place on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons, three each day. We’d love you to consider signing up early for one of these so that we can plan logistically for each day.

If you’d like more information please contact Jon Le Tocq via email or Twitter: @letocq