Relational Mission

Each January, I use the month to ‘press reset’; I completely change the content of my month and I use the time to step back, pray, listen, read, think, write, plan, meet up with people who I think can help me grow and develop and do a bit of a personal overhaul of health and wellbeing.  Fresh back from my 2018 ‘reset’ a number of things spring to mind as key to this next phase both for myself and for the ‘Relational Mission’ family of churches I lead.

God’s ways are simple but not easy

I have been captivated by the dream of coming into a season where we see monthly baptisms across our churches. Through our initiative of #everyoneawitness we are trying to stimulate widespread personal evangelism through what we call ‘words, works and wonders’ (#wordsworkswonders) – sharing the gospel through what we say demonstrating it through what we do and expecting God to work miracles.  God’s ways are simple but not easy.  To step out in words, works and wonders is also simple but not easy.  Personal devotion to Christ, expressed through what are basic spiritual disciplines will remain key.  I have been greatly helped by many of the discipleship tools developed by the 3DM network.  Tools are not the vision, but they can serve the vision.  Many of our churches are developing small gatherings in twos and threes, where accountable and simple questions around ‘what is God saying to you and what are you doing about it?’ are flowing alongside personal prayer, church commitment, reading the bible and sharing our faith.  Nothing new there, but these basics to following Christ need to be freshly stimulated in each new generation. 


God has prophetically encouraged us as a family to raise our expectations and take giant steps forward. He has promised to 'enlarge our tents', an enlargement that will see us change nations and bring Kingdom impact to different continents and cultures across the world. This will require COURAGE.  In May 2018, we are calling on our family to gather in London to join hands across the generations and explore what it means to be courageous as a family and as individuals, to stand up and step out to face the challenge our broken world has laid before us. #rmcourage

A fresh breeze of corporate prayer is blowing

We have been quite taken aback at the favour and hand of God that seems to be currently resting upon any vibrant expression of corporate prayer.  We have been pursuing this through our ENOUGH prayer nights – a call for people to pray in ‘extraordinary’ half nights of prayer in ‘visible union’ and in ‘explicit agreement’, all praying for the same things, three times a year, in different places but at the same time. History teaches us that when God moves in any significant way, corporate prayer precedes and accompanies it.  Having gained some experience in larger scale corporate prayer in recent years we are now offering out the ENOUGH package to other churches, streams and networks to join in.  The vision is to go from the 2000 we started with to 20,000 praying together.  #prayersofmany