God Is Up To Something In Paris

You may have been at Ashburnham last summer when on the Saturday Dave Blower shared a dream he had about a big bonfire rising up from Britain, crossing over the Channel and planting into Paris. Well in amidst the 2500 people in that tent was a young couple waking up to the fact that God was speaking to us about church planting. 

You see, the day before (Friday), Beki and I had just said to God "Lord, if you want to speak to us about planting a church, we're listening. But you'll have to make it very clear!" On that Saturday morning at 6.30, I had taken our youngest for a walk to prevent him from waking up the whole campsite with his early-morning trumpeting. And on the empty, foggy road between the campsite and the carpark, I had bumped in to Dave Blower, who told me of his dream. The odds of the two of us being on that same lonely road at such an unearthly hour were mind-blowing, and I remember faith stirring, with a sense of God bursting into our lives with a fresh revelation of what he was calling us to do. I remember the sound of faith stirring in the hearts of brothers and sisters in the tent as Dave shared his dream that evening, thinking to myself "wow, so I’m not the only one sensing that this is God speaking".

God then took it a step further that Saturday evening when Tineke kept the mic after the interview she had been conducting, and said to us all "if you're here, and you've been asking God to speak to you about church planting, he is talking to you about church planting!" At the end of that meeting, a young man who I had met at the New Ground prayer days a few months earlier sided up to me and said "Nathan, I was reading Joshua 6 this morning, and when I got to the verse that says 'Now shout, because the Lord is giving you the city', I felt the Spirit stir in me and urge me to share it with you. Could that mean anything to you?" You bet. 

In the space of 30 hours, God had turned around our whole life plan (a very nicely drawn up plan, thank you very much!)

So, God is calling us to plant a church in Paris... The city I've grown up in, that I love, that I've been ministering in for the past 10 years. And now we're establishing something new…" This whole realisation hit us, and it was huge.

God showered more confirmation on us as we got back to Paris and as we started sharing this with close friends. So, we began planning and praying.

Six months on, we're pinching ourselves at God's goodness towards us. Some of my dearest friends have got in touch from all over France, and it's like God has built a team on our behalf. We were ambushed by a vision that we never would have dreamed of. We actually have faith to multiply church plants every year, as of September 2018. And God has positioned us to plant not one, but three congregations in three different locations across the Paris region, with great friends.

We've just started gathering in our home, and the two other groups are gaining momentum; all the while we're working at bringing these three groups together under one same central leadership team. 

This is very much a foundation-laying phase, and we're keeping ourselves under the radar, so don't expect to get more public news than this for a little while.

What we do know is that God is up to something in Paris and we're so excited to be a part of it.