Ascension 2018

Last year, we decided to re-brand our French leader's national gathering "Ascension". Yes, the conference does take place during the Ascension weekend (which is a bank holiday in France), but the name was more grounded in the sense of us collectively rising to ‘ascend’ with God to the new things that He was calling us to, in the power of the ascended Christ. 

There was a real sense of shift at Ascension last year and, throughout the gathering, the theme of transition kept coming up. New leaders were being raised up, fresh vision was being cast and new dreams were being dreamt of what God could do with us as francophone churches.

This year will be the first of these gatherings hosted by Jon Le Tocq, as he takes on the role of leading everything we do apostolically in France and we're really looking forward to a great time together. It's going to be about so much more than just information; we want to share our lives with one another, eat together, have fun together and receive an impartation.

Our theme for this year will be Multipliez-vous ["Multiply"], as we sense that God wants to lead us into a multiplication of teams across France that can resource our churches, a multiplication of leaders, and a multiplication of churches as we seek to take new ground in this nation and beyond.

We really appreciate the support that we receive from all around New Ground, and we'd love for you to pray for the French leaders who will be gathering at Ascension 2018.