The Coming Months In Delft

Where are we going in Delft? We believe that God has been calling us as a church to prepare for growth and to get organised, to be ready for more people to come to faith, to return to church, and to commit themselves to walking with Jesus. As a result, we have a big few months coming up, where we need God’s grace and guidance in ever greater abundance.

We are moving ever closer to graduating from being a church plant, to our own fully-fledged autonomous church with its own elders and leadership structure. Scary stuff, but it is a super exciting time too as we go through the process of looking for the people who will help to lead and shape the church going forward. 

I am at present involved with the current leadership team, the apostolic team from our parent church and New Ground in seeking God’s face for who these people are. Who should our elders be? Who should be leading our ministry teams?  How should we structure things? How can we make the most of what and who God has given us? And so on.

In many areas this is already very clear, in other cases, it is less clear and God’s voice has yet to be discerned. We are however, moving forward in faith in the knowledge that things often become clearer as you keep moving towards what He has already revealed to you.

Our first visible step in pursuing God’s vision for us is the move to our new building. It was not an easy road to arrive here, but we have a growing faith and expectation that God is going to do more than we can think or ask in this coming season, as we take greater ownership over the purposes and vision that He has called us to.

As a leadership team, we feel a real sense of momentum and faith with the church and we look forward to being able to report in the coming months (and years) of the growth that God has promised, coming to fruition and God yet further glorified in the city of Delft.