Thirty Years Of Kings Thirty Days Of Prayer

The last three weeks in the life of Kings have been quite amazing. As a church, we celebrated our thirtieth birthday and marked out the thirty days of September with thirty days of non-stop 24-7 prayer.

We’ve never done anything like it before; perhaps we’re catching up! To be honest, it felt like a bit of an experiment. Initially we weren’t sure if people were going to connect with it, but we’ve seen every hour of prayer filled by the church. From our two prayer rooms we’re currently on course to see over a thousand hours of continuous prayer completed by the end of the month. 

We’re being caught up with a lot of requests to keep the prayer rooms open and not stop. We’re so grateful for the response from our church, and it seems the very format of the prayer rooms has enabled people to engage in a special way.

As Brian Heasley (International Director for 24-7 Prayer) said at our Men’s Prayer Event “for years we’ve been struggling to get people to prayer meetings, but when we started asking them to come at 4am they would turn up.”

The prayer rooms have provided a place where it’s very easy to pray. An hour flies by, and you wished you had booked two. People in our church have almost felt cheated that all the slots were booked and that they couldn’t pray more! 

When it seems so difficult to pray in everyday life, with distractions and pressures, the room creates a unique environment. Everything placed in the room is designed to focus and fuel prayer, to help you worship, relax and encounter God. The act of booking in advance, arriving onsite and closing the door behind you does in itself have a certain effect: it expresses intentionality and creates expectation.

As a church we’re not just looking back and celebrating the past. We’re kickstarting the next thirty years, and to see such an amazing response from hundreds across the church is fantastic. We know that effective mission is always rooted in prayer. Every great revival has had a vibrant prayer life. To take things to the next level, we simply must learn how to pray. 

As a leadership team we’ve been heavily inspired by Pete Greig’s book ‘Dirty Glory’, recounting the story of the 24-7 Prayer movement over the last fifteen years. Some of the stories it tells are absolutely jaw-dropping. We’ve given a copy to every household at Kings. If just a third of them read it, we believe it will change our church. 

While we’ve had a few stories of our own the overwhelming sense is one of reconnecting to God; people excited to rediscover a relationship they once had. There will be many within our church who have never spent an hour in prayer. But these last weeks have changed that. We’ve seen people rise at 3am night after night, and had our teenagers, students and twenties camped out in all-night vigils. 

What does the future hold? We’re not entirely sure, but the prayer rooms are staying! 

If you would like to take a tour of our prayer room at the Kings Centre, you can do so here:

and the talks from our current prayer series (including Terry Virgo, Brian Heasley, Tom & Suzie Brock and Dave Holden) are online.