How Many Church Plants

How many church plants have you been involved in? That wasn’t the question I was expecting, but I suppose it shouldn’t have been too much of a shock since I was at a prayer day for a church plant! I was in a group of about 30 people from various nations who had all come together to pray for and support the New Ground church plant in Berlin.

The night before, we’d explored the city, walking around some notable tourist locations, fought our way through huge crowds and seen some amazing sights. The crowds had gathered for a combination of Oktoberfest, which seems to be a good excuse for eating, drinking and having a good time, coupled with the Festival of Lights, an annual event when city centre buildings become the canvas for spectacular light and video projections. These two events had brought tens of thousands of people to Berlin, but the 30 people who gathered to prayer for the ‘Berlin Adventure’ church plant had the potential for greater impact on the city. Maybe not on the day, but for the future of this great city, whose population is around four million – few have any understanding of who Jesus is and the majority don’t care.

My answer was none, and I suppose it made me think, why am I here. I don’t mean philosophically, why do I exist, but what was I doing in Berlin for that prayer day. Partly it was to support those who were planting the church, Pete & Sarah Benton and Pete & Sabina Cowell, plus others who were thinking about joining. Partly to pray, because I definitely believe this church plant needs prayer if it’s going to become an established church to impact the city. And partly to gain a bit of first hand experience, because I think that there are many who need to join the Berlin Adventure and I want to help spread the word.

And maybe that is you, check out their website for more information -  it’s well worth a look!