Josie's Berlin Adventure 01

Hallo from Berlin!

I am writing this ten days into my Berlin Adventure, having made the move from Oxted to Berlin on May 11th. I have left my family, friends, job and cat in England to join the Berlin Adventure team, planting a church into the capital city of Germany.

Of course, this adventure started for me months, or even years before this point. Perhaps we could say it started a little over ten years ago, from the moment I became a Christian. I received new life; I was set on a new adventure to make disciples of all nations, empowered by the Holy Spirit and in unity with Jesus’ Church. Although, at that time I never would have imagined the adventure taking me to Germany, if I had perhaps I would have concentrated a little harder in my school German lessons! Instead, I pursued God’s calling by spending time in Russia, at university in Exeter, in Greece and of course in my home town of Oxted. I experienced amazing provision and love as I stepped out of my comfort zone and found Jesus each time securing my way.

However, when I returned to Oxted two and a half years ago I was heavy with disappointment and anger. I had faced the failure of my own plans and the weight of working with refugees in horrendous conditions in Greece. I felt disoriented and confused; I was listening to lies that were stealing my joy and felt like I couldn’t trust myself to hear God’s voice. It has been because of the gentle, healing hand of my Father, working through my King’s Church Oxted family, that I was able to hear God’s voice speak again, above the lies and accusations which I had let discount me from His promises.

So, when last year the Holy Spirit began stirring my heart again for church planting and specifically for planting into Berlin, I was able to respond with fresh faith. Through dreams, prophetic words, prayer and scripture, I heard God’s call to Berlin. Crucially though, it was with the support of others, sharing practical and spiritual wisdom, that I was able to take the steps to Berlin in confidence that these were not just plans of my own making. The Holy Spirit has shown me that the decisions I take are not to be a result of formula and logic, but rather as a result of my relationship with Him and his people, the Church.

On arriving in Berlin, my reliance on God’s provision, so often expressed directly through the hands of his people, has again been impressed on me. If it weren’t for the kindness and hospitality of people here in the Berlin Adventure team, as well as those who have prayed and supported me from afar, this move wouldn’t have been possible.

With this in mind, I would love to put some specific prayer requests to you! I would appreciate prayer over my long-term accommodation and work situation, as well as for language learning and the ability to form connections and friendships with Berliners. If you would like to join my WhatsApp group, where I will be posting more regular prayer requests and testimonies, then please contact me via the Berlin Adventure email contact@berlinadventure.tv