God At Work In Maastricht

We have recently celebrated our first anniversary since we launched in Maastricht in September last year. It was a moment to reflect on all the good that God has done and His faithfulness to us. We also reminded ourselves that not long ago we were sitting with five good people in our living room, and now we gather around 100 people on Sundays.

What can I say; God is at work in Maastricht. After a quiet summer break, which was very necessary, we took off with full speed when the new term started. Many new people have been coming in and finding their place in church. However, the most remarkable and outstanding thing is the hunger for more of Jesus, which I have never seen before in Maastricht. We have about 20 people on our current Alpha Course and a couple of Sundays ago, four people gave their life to Jesus.

We receive stories of opportunities to pray or share the gospel in workplaces. A student who came to one of our Alpha Courses testified about Jesus to a friend of hers, to which they replied "I want Jesus in my life" and a few Sundays ago we saw many being baptised with the Spirit as we are going through our foundation series and the theme was "Spirit filled church".

Above all of the challenges; like being forced to leave the building we loved so much, which God had opened up for us so miraculously last year, and all other familiar church planting ups and downs, I have to say; God is doing a mighty work!

Thank you for praying for us. I really want to challenge you again to think about a Bible verse regarding a harvest and the workers, we could use some good workers in the plentiful harvest field of Maastricht.