Le Festival

There are so many things that I value and love about our heritage as Newfrontiers. One of them is the sense of being an international family of people who all share in one mission. Another is the way in which big gatherings have shaped our collective life as a movement (as Pete Anderson reminded us at last summer’s Ashburnham, "Festivals are great!"). Another one is the sense of bringing our powerful values to bear in every context on the planet, moulding the everlasting truth of God’s word into ever-changing cultural settings.

The first thing that actually drew me to Newfrontiers in the first place was a robust emphasis on teaching God’s Word and being so thirsty for the ongoing empowering of his Spirit. I discovered a passion for local church within this family. I could list off many others, but I’ll only mention one more: multiplication. For me, not having grown up in Newfrontiers circles, the transition to spheres was the moment where "the penny dropped" and I realised that being an apostolic family and not a denomination is way more than just semantics.

This is why, being based in Paris, I’m so excited for Le Festival in France this summer. It’s going to be one place where all these powerful aspects of our Newfrontiers family DNA will be on full display, all at the same time. 

I’m so looking forward to the togetherness of camping together, singing loud, faith-filled songs to our great King. We’re praying that this will be the biggest gathering of its kind in France, and we’re hoping to have delegates from all over the francophone world as well as other European nations; so the sense of grasping the bigger picture of what God is doing in the nations of the earth will be on full display. But better still, whilst being 100% in Newfrontiers and New Ground values, this will be an opportunity to show what these look like in a French context. Le Festival will have a very strong French flavour, with all the worship and teaching done in French. But fear not, if you don’t speak Molière’s mother tongue, translation will be provided into English. We have also invited one of the foremost Bible teachers in the wider evangelical world in France to speak at the event: Frank Lefillatre. He will share the stage with speakers from our ranks such as Dave Holden and Jon Le Tocq. Needless to say, the preaching will be solid, hard-hitting, Bible-based teaching. And we loved the theme of the last Ashburnham so much that we’re going with the very same theme: "Empowered by the Spirit".

I love that one festival, that’s been called Ashburnham up until now, is now multiplying into three Festivals. And I’m really looking forward to being able to host loads of people from many nations at Le Festival in France. Yes, I may not have mentioned, but the reason I’m writing this in English is because we really believe that many English speakers from our churches all over the UK and the rest of Europe will have a great time at Le Festival. The weather will be great, the food in the surrounding areas is excellent, the event is a bumper five days’ long… There are so many reasons to make a holiday out of it and come along to Le Festival on route to, or coming back from a holiday in the south of France. 

There will be great activities for kids and a really big emphasis on youth work. 

So why not sign up now? You get an early-bird discount of 10% if you sign up before mid-December. See you there!