New Ground Youth - Introducing Adz

This time last year I decided I wanted to quit my job as a Youth Pastor and become an estate agent, but God had other ideas…


My name is Adz Brennan. I have been (and still am) the Youth Pastor at Kings Church Eastbourne for the last 6 years. It has been one of the hardest and yet most rewarding things I have done in my life. After growing up in Eastbourne and attending Kings Church, I became a Christian at the infamous NRG 9s at Stoneleigh Bible Week. I then did an Impact year at Gateway Church Swindon, where I developed a love for the church, young people and reaching the lost. [Ed – Look at the Impact page on our website for more information!] After a year away, I went to Bedford to study and again continued serving the young people in whichever way I could.


At this stage I had no plans to move away from Bedford, I was happy, settled and loved the church (not to mention I had met Ellie who is now my wife!). I remember sitting in a meeting talking about my future opportunities with someone and saying, “The only way I would move back to Eastbourne is if they offered me the Youth Pastor job, but that won’t happen.” Two weeks later I received a text from one of the members of the Kings team saying, “Adz would you like the youth job?” After much deliberating I decided to go for it and packed my bags to head back down south.


The last 6 years have been interesting to say the least and I have become aware that with our church’s passion to reach the lost and our desire to see our own young people grow in their faith, that the “role” of a Youth Pastor takes many different forms. These include the more obvious, mentor, preacher, team leader and some less obvious, such as bouncer, police liaison and general dogsbody. It was at about the 3 year mark on a particularly tough night, when we had what felt like a riot in our car park with a couple of hundred young people, that I thought it was possibly time to chuck in the towel. This went back and forth for a few years before last summer when I handed in my notice and went job hunting.


It was at Soul Survivor (a busman’s holiday if ever there was one) where it all changed. God spoke to me first through a preach which reminded me that shockingly it’s not actually all about me and that if we want to see a world reached and lives changed, it’s not going to be easy and that mission is meant to be messy. The next day I had a prophetic word from a stranger who said, “You are in the right place, stay where you are.” This meant on arrival in Eastbourne I had to go with my tail between my legs, begging for my job back. Since then God has changed my heart and I LOVE what I do.


I’ve enjoyed being part of the youth team for our New Ground summer festival at Ashburnham ‘17 and as part of the Youth Core Team for Ashburnham ‘19. Jeevs (who you’ll meet in the next blog!) and I have been asked to take the lead for the youth venue at Festival ’21 and we are so excited and expectant for God to do significant things. We are really seeking to support and equip Youth Leaders across New Ground Churches and as a result see young people’s lives changed by the power of the Gospel.