When you add a child (3-18) ticket to your order, you will be asked then for all the relevant information that will be passed on to their group leader (eg, important medical information and history etc). This means that registration and booking is one process.
Bring your child to the Info Point to pick up a replacement wristband. We suggest that on young children you write your name, their name and church name on their wristband. Young children who get lost don’t always know their own surname or the names of their parents!
All our servers are asked to adhere to our Child Protection Policy and all those in direct contact with young people will have undergone a DBS (formerly Criminal Records Bureau) check. We also require all children’s workers and medics to complete an on-line course in safeguarding.

Only children starting Year 6 in September 2018 can move up a group. This needs to be decided at the time of booking.

Children will be grouped according to the school year they started in September 2018. See below for more information:

Children born between 01 Sept 2000 and 31 Aug 2007: Youth meetings (school years 7-13 as at Sept 2018)
Children born between 01 Sept 2007 and 31 Aug 2009: Adventurers (school years 4-6 as at Sept 2018)
Children born between 01 Sept 2010 and 31 Aug 2013: Superheroes (school years 1-3 as at Sept 2018)
Children born between 01 Sept 2013 and 31 Aug 2016: Ground Works

There will be a self-service crèche for parents with children born after 01 September 2016.

Unfortunately, other than with Year 6, there is no flexibility for children to move up or down a group if they’re at the oldest or the youngest end of the spectrum. Rest assured the children’s workers do plan their sessions to specifically cater for every age group they’ll be working with.
No. We’re sorry, but here’s the stuff you can’t bring: bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, generators, BBQs (gas or otherwise), a friend who’s not booked in or pets (even very cute ones).