Campers can arrive on site from midday on Friday 23rd August and house guests from 4pm (tbc). The first meeting will be at 7pm. The last meeting ends at 12pm on the Monday and everyone has to be off site by 3pm.

We’re sorry, but here’s the stuff you can’t bring: bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, generators, BBQs (gas or otherwise), a friend who’s not booked in or pets (even very cute ones).

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Ashburnham site except outside the reception area of the main building.

Alcohol is not allowed in the house or public spaces but is permitted in the context of private family camping areas.
Yes, you can bring an assistance dog, but please tell us in the question about additional needs when you book. Also, make sure your church coordinator knows in advance.
Mobile phone coverage is generally poor at Ashburnham Place.
We ask everyone booked into Ashburnham to wear a wristband during the event. This ensures we can identify easily anyone who shouldn’t be on site. Those visiting for the day are also given wristbands to wear. In addition, all Ashburnham staff wear photo ID badges, and all contractors are given identity badges to wear on site. If yours or your child’s wristband comes off you can pick up a replacement at the Info Point in the Centrum marquee, but please understand that we need to check that you’re in the booking system before issuing you with a new one.
If you lose something at Ashburnham please email If we’ve found it, we’ll return it to you, so please make sure you include your full name and postal address when you get in touch. We’ll donate to charity any items unclaimed after three months.
Our medical team are recruited to deal with emergencies and injuries. Unfortunately they cannot dispense pharmaceutical drugs so please make sure you bring your own paracetamol, antihistamine etc and basic first aid kit with you.