Enormous Vision for the Poor
In a few week's time, at our Leadership Conference, Natalie Williams will be running a seminar on 'Transforming our communities'. We asked her to tell us a little about her involvement with social action at King's Church Hastings and with Jubilee+.
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Jennifer Rawson
Together For Scotland: When Lightning Strikes
On the 21st of May, members of Hope Church Borders (part of Relational Mission) and King?۪s Church Edinburgh (New Ground) teamed up for their second Missional Church Conference: Together for Scotland. Teaching from New Ground?۪s […]
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Jennifer Rawson
Equipping Leaders in Scotland
Sitting in the room, I could feel the tension. Like a soda bottle that?۪s had one too many shakes and is fit to burst, we sat ready to launch. These were the first tremors as 40 leaders prepared to be shaken up and scattered across […]
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Jennifer Rawson
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