Going on God adventures as a family

My husband and I have three daughters aged between 3 and 7, and I oversee our 0-4s group at Jubilee Community Church in East Grinstead. We have a real passion to see families going on adventures in God together, so the praise party was right up our street!

At the end of the Praise Party I shared about some resources which we have found useful in helping us to share our faith with our girls and to help them grow in their own faith. There seems to be a real move at the moment to equip families to grow in God together. Here are some of the resources that we have found useful thus far.

The Treasure Box People

This is a monthly mail subscription service, launched in February 2015, to bring Bible stories to life in the comfort of your own home. It has been designed to help children and their families to explore one Bible story each month through an innovative selection of crafts, games and activities. We have had quite a few of these now (and have just asked the grandparents to contribute to the subscription as part of the girls’ Christmas presents) and our daughters love getting them through the letter box. We share the crafts and story together and have had some interesting chats about the story and the application. To order your treasure box visit


A brilliant website with many different resources. Firstly, there are the Godventure Sticker books which provide you with great activities to do as a family and helpful discussion starters to help your children think about the stories, what God was doing or saying, and how they can apply them to their lives. One memory from these in particular sticks in my mind: while we were at Ashburnham, there was a big thunderstorm on the Sunday night.  Me and the girls had been watching the impressive lightning show during the evening, long before it erupted into the thunderstorm. They were feeling a bit scared going to bed, so I sat down with them and opened the Jesus Godventure sticker book. It opened in the story of Jesus calming the storm - perfect! We read the story together and then the girls had to write what things they were scared of on the picture of the waves. They then prayed telling Jesus about these different fears and thanked him that he could calm the storm in their hearts. They then stuck a picture of the sun over these fears to show that they knew Jesus could calm their storms. It was an invaluable tool to help my girls turn to Jesus in the midst of their fears. There are many other resources available to buy and also a blog featuring different faith filled ideas and activities to do as a family – take a look at

Seeds Family Worship

These CDs are an amazing resource to our family! There are now 10 albums (including one with lullabies) with over 100 songs consisting of the words of scripture. The songs are a fun and easy way to learn and memorise God’s word, for both children and adults! Even if the children don’t quite understand every word they are singing, I believe it is important to store these treasures up in their hearts so that when they do understand, it’s already there. These are available to buy on Amazon and download from iTunes. Visit the seeds website at

My Super Powers Series

We have only recently discovered these books which explore how the gifts of the Spirit from 1 Corinthians 12 can be activated in the life of a child. Each book covers a different gift and has a story about a family discovering this gift, then a matching Bible story, a discussion page and an ‘activation’ page containing activities to stir up and apply this gift of the Spirit. As we only recently bought two of these, we’ve not yet had the chance to read them with our girls, but we are very excited to have the opportunity to go after these gifts as a family and to see what God will do! These are available on Amazon.

The Kindness Elves

Obviously as Christmas is getting closer, it’s good to have some specific Christmas activities to do together. Apart from the Christmas things that Treasure Box People and Godventure are offering, The Kindness Elves is a great alternative to the ‘Elf on the Shelf’. A fun way to get children thinking about others in the lead up to Christmas. There are ideas of different ways to bless others and teach love, kindness and gratitude to our children. We did this a bit in the run up to Christmas last year, and it does take a bit of planning and preparation as we all know how busy the Christmas season is! It took a bit of persuading at times to get the girls to join in, but I have noticed the difference already this year as they are expecting to do some of these activities again. Take a look at the blog here

Our children are only with us for such a short time, so let’s have fun going on God adventures together and see what happens!

Image: A treasure box from @treasureboxppl.