Devote 2

Luke Smith is a part of the New Ground Worship team and has just released the follow up to his first album. Luke is part of New Community Church, Welling venue. You can read about the story behind his new album ‘Devote 2’ below.

I always had it in mind to work on a second album but one of the biggest challenges we all face, time, had stopped me from doing this. When the coronavirus pandemic began to affect the UK, and affect me in terms of my work (as I am a musician, piano teacher and supply teacher), I found I had more time on my hands. I wanted to invest this extra time wisely so started to experiment with some arrangements of worship songs that our church had been singing over the past year. I wanted to branch out from my first album, which was recorded in a studio on an upright piano, and play around with adding in extra sounds which would fit the idea of creating a calming and peaceful ambience. 

Before long I had 10 songs and therefore a new album. I decided to release these songs as I had lots of positive responses to my previous album. Many people found the music really helpful for using during their devotional time, whether that be worshipping, singing in the spirit, or just helping them to be calm and focused. The album has been used out of the context of worship as music to relax to after a busy day, or even fall asleep to (I’m not offended)! 

I pray that this album will minister to those who listen and can support individuals and churches in their walk with Jesus.  

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