Prayer Works

Prayer works – who knew?!


I know I shouldn’t be surprised but nevertheless, I am. Things that we’ve been praying for have changed. Not always in the way we want, but somehow God involves us in His purposes through prayer.


At King’s Church Oxted we’ve always prayed and I guess that comes as no surprise. We’ve had regular prayer meetings, weeks of prayer and special meetings occasionally, but about 2 years ago we decided to introduce daily prayer for a specific situation; our families with children with special and complex needs. We offered members of the church the opportunity to pray on a particular day every month and gave them detailed information to fuel their prayers.


The following year we expanded this prayer rota into what we now call ‘365 Prayer’ and added several people and families with particular medical needs. Every month we provide an update to help our pray-ers and give them different people to pray for. We’ve got just under 40 people involved and every day someone is on the rota to pray for 3 different people or families.


We still have many on the list in need of regular, sustained prayer and we’ve had 3 people come off the list because they are no longer with us – they are with our Father and in His presence is fullness of joy. But we have certainly seen some answers.


Last year, a young lad who suffered from excruciating pain (CRPS) for several months following a minor ankle fracture, was instantly healed as he was driven away from a routine physio appointment.


Recently one person asked to come off the list because after 2 years she was back to normal following a period of debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


A baby born last year suffered a blockage in his urinary tract causing a kidney to rupture. His treatment has been invasive and unpleasant, not least having repeated daily catheters. Not yet completely healed but from the original list of several issues, now just one is left to be resolved.


A lady with multiple significant medical issues piling one on top of the other recently had 3 separate scans on her spine to reveal that a growth had completely disappeared.


A guy who had a blood vessel leaking in his eye causing an occlusion has seen that reduce significantly since we’ve been praying.


A guy who is partially paralysed and wheelchair-bound after a rugby accident had real difficulties with the practicalities of getting his mobility vehicle serviced. It seemed impossible to resolve until we prayed and then it was arranged.


It’s not always easy and it’s not always good news, but faith rises step by step with every answered prayer.


So every month we go again, because prayer works – we know!