Joey N
New Ground Sunday

What a wonderful time we had together yesterday. Even though we are so far apart, in our own church communities, it was great to be reminded that we are a big family, on a big mission for Jesus, and these temporary trials are part of His shaping us for glory. Our church plant thoroughly enjoyed New Ground Sunday, not only for the great quality of the production and the excellent time of worship, but because we were able to feel connected to New Ground's mission. Indeed, for some of our members, it was their first New Ground event ever! 


How exciting to know that we are part of something that goes beyond even our continent, hearing from Scott Marques about what progress is being made in African nations to teach young people skills that will make them autonomous and leaders in their communities. How great to hear multiple languages spoken and sung throughout the meeting. How great to know that in spite of the restrictions, people are being trained in social action and supported in various ways.


And how encouraging to hear Dave speaking about walking. To be reminded that all of us have been pushing our way through this year and to be spurred on to persevere. The reminder that the Christian life is about walking more than any other verb of motion was really helpful and will continue to resonate as we go forth into 2021. It felt like getting a message from our general, to our distant outpost, and being reminded that we are all advancing together although we are so far apart. So let us walk but also pray for each other and continue to seek ways to support one another on our mission together for Christ. Let us not remain immobile, but keep plodding if that is all we can do. The Holy Spirit is our strength and He will ultimately pull us through. These clouds will clear and we will see the glory of the Lord manifested.


Thank you New Ground for this day; we look forward to the next one, and beyond that, to the time we can all meet again, hug, high-five and pray for each other as we used to.

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