Prayer Works - Gina's Story

In October 2020 I emailed Kevin asking him to take me off the King’s Church Oxted 365 Prayer list. You can read about 365 Prayer here. In September I was still in pain and having tests to rule our cancer, so who knew that a month later I would be asking to come off the list? God knew.

I started to become obviously unwell in February 2018. Since then I’ve been given multiple diagnoses and had many negative things spoken over me. There were times when I was really aware that God was holding me and protecting me from all the negative things being spoken over me. The diagnoses included psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and enthesitis – a set of auto immune diseases which meant that my body was attacking itself – and cancer. I’m sharing some of the details with you in the hope that it will grow your faith and encourage you to continue praying for healing. Prayer really does make a difference.


In July 2018 I was told that by the end of the year it was unlikely that I would be able to walk, because of the way the disease was progressing through my spine. I was told I could be in a wheelchair within a few months. In September 2018 I was told that it was also highly likely I would permanently lose my sight, as I had lost it several times over the preceding months. This was obviously a real shock and I was so disappointed to have to cancel a family trip to New Zealand to see family for Christmas. In November 2018 my daughter came home from New Zealand for two weeks so that we could spend time together before I became wheelchair bound. During that time, in the space of a week I went from too weak to walk up and down stairs to being well enough to return to New Zealand with her to celebrate our family Christmas, as planned! From Boxing Day I started to feel unwell again and quickly deteriorated after my return home to the UK, but I really felt like God was giving me a glimpse of the healing to come and what it would be like to be well again. And even when I became unwell again I could still walk and didn’t end up in a wheelchair.


In 2019 I developed a growth on the end of my nose. Of all the awful things I went through I was particularly upset by that, because it was so visible to me, when I looked in the mirror, and to everyone else. It was a constant reminder every day that I was unwell. In November 2019 I had a biopsy to see if it was cancer and when I went to get the results they told me it was benign (great news!) which meant that the NHS wouldn’t cover the removal of it (not great). I’d driven to the hospital expecting them to remove it that day, so I was devastated when they decided not to. I knew that in the grand scheme of things my appearance wasn’t that important, but I just wanted it gone and I knew God cared about that. I got into the car in tears and cried out to God. I knew that he could do miracles and begged him to do something about this one thing that felt like the final straw. I drove home to get ready for a friend’s birthday celebration and after changing my clothes I looked in the mirror. The growth had completely gone! I was left with a hole in my nose, which was bleeding a lot. I covered it with a dressing and it looked worse than before. I asked God to heal it completely. I had wanted the growth gone, but that’s not exactly what I had in mind! I didn’t want to go to the party with a dressing on my face covered in blood. I prayed on the 30 minute journey and when I arrived I felt like God was asking me, “Well, do you trust me or not?”. He kept asking me that for a few minutes, so I took the dressing off and there was only a tiny speck on my nose, smaller than a pin prick. In 30 minutes!


In 2019 I started to lose the strength down my left side. I lost the strength in my left arm and my left leg, and my left foot was causing me a lot of pain. My walking suffered further. In December 2019 I had a scan and it showed a growth in my neck which was pressing against my spine and causing the weakness down my left side. This was confirmed by an MRI scan and in February 2020 a second MRI scan showed it had grown. The various consultants that were supporting me in different parts of my illnesses – neurologist, rheumatologist, podiatrist, gastroenterologist – each had different procedures they wanted to perform in March 2020. Priority was given to the spinal growth and its possible removal in the spinal unit in London. However, the week before I was due to go the coronavirus pandemic became a real issue and as I was shielding it was decided that the removal of two growths in my foot would go ahead instead. They were removed successfully and my spinal referral was postponed. In July 2020 I went to the specialist spinal unit in London to decide on the next steps for my treatment and I had numerous tests which showed that it had completely gone! The Consultant said that either the two MRI scans (from two different hospitals) were both anomalies, or it was a miracle. I know it was another miracle.


In July 2020 I went to the dentist because one of my teeth had shattered in my mouth. Unfortunately this happened a lot because of the chemotherapy and biological drugs I had to take to stop the progression of the diseases. The dentist went to look at my tooth and she said there was something growing under my tongue. She immediately thought it was cancer and referred me to a specialist maxillofacial unit. I was seen there in August 2020 and they did a scan. I also had a naso-endoscopy which revealed a lesion/inflammation at the back of my throat. This was followed by an MRI scan with contrast dye in the third week of August. The pain in my jaw and up into my head was awful between July and September 2020, when it suddenly stopped. In October I received a phone call to say that the MRI scan showed absolutely nothing. The growth at the back of my throat and whatever the dentist had seen under my tongue were completely gone!


In summary, I can testify to amazing healing miracles. The diagnosis of enthesitis was made following numerous MRI scans and it meant that my tendons and ligaments were all disintegrating. I am not currently suffering from any symptoms of enthesitis or related pain. That condition can be reversed by medication and I am still having regular chemotherapy and injections for it. I do feel as though I no longer suffer from that condition. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in my spine from the awful symptoms I was suffering and this is what prompted the diagnosis that I would become wheelchair bound. I didn’t have a scan of my lower spine at the time of diagnosis, but a recent MRI scan shows I definitely don’t have that condition now. Ankylosing spondylitis can’t be reversed or healed by medication or other treatment, so I believe I have been miraculously healed.


The autoimmune diseases attacked my liver and the results of my blood tests showed very high readings very quickly. There is no damage to my liver now, the numbers have all returned to normal, and I can walk with no problems. I am so well. I feel so different to the way I have done over the last few years. I haven’t been healed of everything – the pain has completely gone, but that doesn’t mean all the symptoms have gone. But I feel like my well self. I can go on walks, do Pilates, drive the car, make the beds, cook meals, go up and down stairs, swim, sleep – all without any pain. I hadn’t realised how pain affected every aspect of my waking and sleeping until it went. And somehow my health is almost more wonderful now than if I’d never been ill.


Over the last two years it has been an incredible blessing and very humbling to know that so many faithful people were praying for my healing. There were months when I couldn’t even bear to think of all the things that were hurting and that were wrong with me. At times I was literally managing minute by minute. I was so amazed by the wonderful commitment of the 365 Prayer group. I am incredibly grateful to my Father God for answering the faithful prayers of my King’s Church Oxted family. This experience has certainly built up my own faith for healing and I pray that it will build the faith of others too. God answers prayer for healing!