Baptisms in Europe

In February 2021 our churches in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland met to pray together and encourage one another with stories of what God is doing. The photographs shared that night told stories of salvation, stories of people being baptised in water as an outward sign of their new life in Jesus.  Prepare to be encouraged by this whistle-stop tour!

Having grown up in East Berlin Uli, like many East Germans, had little to no experience of faith or Jesus. Uli met a Christian who introduced her to Jesus and prayed for her healing, which she then experienced, and she chose to start following Jesus in 2019. The Cowell family from Welcome Church Berlin met Uli briefly around that time when they were living in the same apartment block. Some months later Uli was looking for a new Church and remembered the Cowells. She got in touch and started attending the Welcome Church Sunday gatherings, even though they were still operating mostly in English and everything was moving online because of the global pandemic. After working through the Alpha Course, Uli decided to be baptised.

In August Welcome Church gathered, along with Uli’s family, at a public swimming lake in the city to celebrate the church plant’s first ever baptism!

Daniela joined Mosaic Church Brussels just a couple of weeks before her baptism in August. She was raised in a Christian environment, but her parents stopped going to church when she was a young teenager. After many years of living her life without God, she felt that God was pulling her back and she found Mosaic online and joined a Life Group. 

Marion, a former atheist from France, had been visiting church services and Life Group at Mosaic for many years. She felt welcome and enjoyed it socially, but in the Summer of 2020 she finally believed in God for herself and put her faith in Jesus. Marion asked to be baptised and on the day of Marion’s baptism, Daniela decided to get baptised too!


Jorge and Alison contacted Mosaic online requesting baptism. They met with the church leaders in the weeks leading up to their baptism. Jorge comes from a Catholic family and got to know Jesus when he was living in The Hague. He moved to Belgium, but never connected with a church. He knew God was asking him to be baptised. In Belgium he met his French girlfriend Alison, who described herself as an atheist. For many months they talked about God, but it only clicked when Alison read the book Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. 

Aurora is from Mexico. She got to know Jesus a few years ago when she was in a deep and dark season in her life and her boyfriend (now husband) introduced her to Him. Having a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, she had always believed in the existence of God, but now she had a personal relationship with Him. In the week before Jorge and Alison’s baptism, Aurora also made the decision to lay down her old life and surrender everything to Jesus.


At the end of September Mosaic Church baptised Aurora, Jorge and Alison in a beautiful lake.


Redeemer Church Maastricht had the joy of baptising four people in the Summer of 2020. Maciek is a student from Poland who came to faith in Maastricht when his brother led him to Jesus. Katja is a student from the USA who has been a faithful member of Redeemer for years, along with her sister and her parents. Originally from Peru, Julie is a single mother of two boys. Reanda moved from South Africa with her husband to study. Julie and Reanda both put their faith in Jesus on the Alpha course at Redeemer and decided to be baptised.


Redeemer Church Delft baptised three students from Delft University of Technology in the North Sea at a town near Delft called Monster. Paul, Marcel and Anna all grew up in Christian families, but they each explored a life without Jesus and found it led them to darkness, depression and desperation. They discovered God calling them back and revealing His grace to them, which led them to become part of Redeemer in Delft. They all recently decided to commit their lives to Jesus and be baptised.

 God is at work in people’s lives! We celebrate every story of baptism as the story of a life being transformed, a new creation in Christ, and we are delighted to be able to share this joyful news with the wider New Ground family.