Update from Arad

Hello New Ground family 

We greet you all from the Church of Bethlehem, located in the city of Arad, in western Romania.

Things are complicated here, as they are everywhere in the world. It is a little strange for a Christian to keep social distance, when our purpose is to reach people, as Jesus did. We are holding the meetings over the week online, and the church meeting on Sunday takes place with 50% of participants, while the remaining ones are on the church's Facebook channel.

I think that the greatest challenge and the most affected work of the church, last year, but also this year, is the work with the children, our children's Sunday School. We would like to invite you to support our children’s work in prayer.

However, even in these complicated times, God is working. His plan to save people through His church has not changed. We have seen restored lives, wonderful healings that have taken place during this time.

Perhaps the most significant healing was when a sister in the church was cured of an autoimmune disease. A condition in which the body's own immune system attacks the thyroid. Although our sister in Christ felt that she was healed, she could not prove it. So she stopped the treatment she had to take for the rest of her life and went for a medical check 6 months after she stopped the treatment. After the results came in, the doctor was very surprised and decided to stop her treatment. He did not say the words: you are cured, but he stopped the treatment. So what do you call a man you stop treating, who has to take a lifetime treatment and then you have to stop it? Cured, healed. We believe that she is truly healed by the power of our Lord.

We are also waiting for a water baptism in March-April, a person who is going to give their life to God. I know that the number 1 means nothing in the eyes of men, but in the eyes of God it is the equivalent of great joy in heaven.

We are sending you all of our love from Arad, Romania. May you all remain in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.