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Introducing Unreached Network

I had lived for 15 years with a clear sense that God was calling me to be involved in church planting overseas. Our church elders were supportive of this. However, we didn’t know how to move from that sense of calling to actually doing something. A game changer was when my wife and I met with Andy Martin for the first time. We shared our hearts and what we felt God was saying to us. Andy was cross-culturally wired, he knew what was happening in our family of churches and was able to tell us about different church plants in various nations, different places where he and others were longing to church plant and put us in contact with people on the ground doing what we wanted to do. He encouraged us to get in touch with people and visit some different places. Suddenly, it felt like we had been given a road map to show us how we could get from A to B. When we made the decision to move to Istanbul, Andy led a training weekend which helped us prepare to enter a new culture. He was key in us clarifying our calling and moving overseas.

In Newfrontiers we have much experience of church planting cross-culturally. We are working in over 90 nations in multiple apostolic spheres. Across the apostolic spheres we have many people with experience and wisdom in cross-cultural church planting. However, unless you know one of these people, how do you access that wisdom and experience? What happens if you don’t find your Andy Martin? If you have people in your church who are feeling a call from God and don’t know what to do about it, Unreached Network is here to serve you.

Unreached Network are involved in representing, resourcing and releasing.

Representing: Providing support to cross-cultural workers in partnership with Newfrontiers apostolic teams.

Resourcing: Creating resources to equip believers to fulfil the Great Commission.  

Releasing: Working with sending churches to train and release workers into the global harvest field. 

Helpful resources for you and those in your church:  

Unreached Network website is a great resource for blog context, resources and news of upcoming training events.

A training site has been developed in partnership with the Broadcast Network. This training is for those exploring the possibility of moving overseas, those preparing to go, those who are serving overseas, and for sending churches. There are currently 7 modules on this site, but by Summer 2021 our plan is to have a series of sequential training modules that will become a training track for those on the journey from asking, “God are you calling me to go?” to moving overseas and starting to live cross-culturally.

Our heart is for each local church to be a witness in its own ‘Jerusalem and Judea’, but also to play its part in seeing the gospel reach the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). This has been the story of Newfrontiers. It began with churches in the UK, but now Newfrontiers is an increasingly international, multi-centric and contextually diverse movement, working in over 70 nations across the different apostolic spheres. The majority of Newfrontiers churches are now non-English speaking. This means that much church-planting, training, coaching and financial support happens cross-culturally.

And McCullough, who grew up in Cyprus and church planted in the Middle East, leads the team overseeing Unreached Network.  He says:

“Unreached Network is part of Newfrontiers and represents a community of people across various apostolic spheres and in different nations. Unreached Network exists to co-ordinate best practice in cross-cultural mission across the global Newfrontiers family, serving the different apostolic spheres in the areas of cross-cultural training, awareness, sending, member care, church planting and contextualisation.”

Jem Howe and I are both leaders in New Ground churches and part of the Unreached Network team. We would love to serve those within New Ground churches.  If there are people in your church community who are exploring a calling to church plant overseas, or you are sending someone from your church to join a cross cultural church plant, do feel free to get in touch. We'd love to help.

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