Introducing Everyday Tserkov

Soon after I became a Christian, I had a dream about feeding multitudes of hungry people who were queuing for food. Years later I felt a stir to respond to the Everyday Church Online vision to reach the Russian speaking world, my homeland, which is predominantly hostile to God or unaware of the Living God. It must have been a nudge from God, as it was heart-breaking for me to see political and spiritual battles back home. The concept of online church sounded very different at the time, especially compared to orthodox religious practice in the Russian speaking world, but the call of God was stronger than any obstacle. One of the Bible verses prayed over Everyday Tserkov from the start was from Zechariah 4:6: “’Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty". That is how Everyday Tserkov Russian branched out of Everyday Church Wimbledon, rooted in its sound and liberating Biblical teaching.

Much prayer and support has been invested into Everyday Tserkov by my local church, Crawley Community Church, as well as by Everyday Church and the rest of the New Ground family. In the beginning the progress seemed slow, with setbacks, ups and downs with limited reach and impact, but God was working, and we gradually started reaching people near and far with God’s transforming gospel. Our prayer was not only to share God’s love and Living Word as far as possible online, but to be able to touch lives on the ground. God has enabled us to do that through Yury in Moldova, especially over the last year. With God’s help, we were able to support Yury and his Church in their bakery and mobile farm initiatives, after Moldova lost 80% of their crops to drought last year.  The poverty became even more devastating with the impact of Covid-19 and unemployment. We thank God for enabling Everyday Tserkov to contribute to feeding the hungry for both food and the gospel.

Another opportunity came to support a young believer, Sergey from Russia. God set Sergey free from addictions and called him to build Mercy Ministry Rehabilitation House, to help broken families find new life in Jesus. As we prayed for Sergey and shared biblical teaching through Everyday Church, he started to form a team of faithful believers and we are so grateful to God for the new-born life in Jesus! Sergey is currently ministering to another three Sergeys, Andrey and Eugen who are turning from the darkness of addictions and despair to living hope in Jesus. He recently had the joy of baptising a brother who went through the rehabilitation centre with them to break from addictions and was set free by the gospel. Sergey has a vision to raise leaders to bring freedom to his homeland, which is suffering so badly at present.

We celebrated Russian Easter on May the 2nd, a month later than the UK this year. We marked it with a launch of Everyday Tserkov on YouTube, and we prayed that the Lord will use Everyday Tserkov more, to bring the life giving gospel to every Russian speaking country, to raise and support more leaders, and to proclaim good news to the poor and freedom for the captives. (Isaiah 61:1)