Reaching Students

Over the pandemic, at New Community Church we had the joy of seeing two students give their lives to Jesus and the privilege of baptising five students. One of the students who gave her life to Jesus was Megan. She was scrolling on Instagram and saw a video of her friend sharing the gospel. Megan was struck in that moment and just knew it was true and gave her life to Jesus, by herself, watching an Instagram video, having never been to church. She was baptised a couple of months ago by Hannah who also became a Christian while she was student. Hannah reluctantly came to our Carol Service a couple of years ago, as all her friends were going. She told her friends on the way up to the building, “This is how they get you, they give you a beer and try and make you a Christian”, but when the worship started she was overwhelmed by the presence of God. She came up to me afterwards and gave her life to Jesus, and now she’s leading students to Christ and baptising them. And I also gave my life to Jesus when I was a student, after another student was brave enough to walk across the room and invite me to church.

These stories are just a tiny glimpse of the student mission story that God is writing. The most exciting thing about student mission is that everyone has a part to play. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Here are 5 ways that you can play your part in what God is doing with students across the UK.  

  1. Pray for students 

Even if you don’t have any students in your church, you can pray for students near you. Pray that God would meet them in their halls of residence, lecture halls and on nights out. There is a spiritual battle for students’ lives that can only be won in prayer. 

  1. Pray for University Campuses 

A decade or so ago the drama school in Sidcup banned New Community Church from their campus, they didn’t want anything to do with us. But through prayer we’ve seen so much breakthrough. We’re now invited onto campus. The drama school has even paid for our freshers’ tea and toast events, has a link to New Community in their student handbook and one year even made ‘trychurch’ the final event for all students on the freshers’ week posters. We want to see this happen on university campuses across the country and that can only happen through prayer. 

  1. Invite students round to your house 

Whether you have kids, or live alone or in a house share, welcome students into your home and into your family. Share your life and experience with them. One of the best things for my discipleship as a student was having a family at church to hang out with and having them ask me every few weeks who I was sharing my faith with and how they could pray. 

  1. Commission young people 

When young people in your church go off to university, don’t just say goodbye to them and hope for the best. Commission them, prophesy over them, send them as missionaries to their campuses. Students are open to the gospel at university but are also open to a lot of other things, we want our young people arriving on campus to know they carry God’s authority to preach the good news in the midst of so many other distracting things. 

  1. Be ready for the Holy Spirit to interrupt

We can make plans, and busy ourselves but I sense this year the Holy Spirit is wanting to interrupt us and draw our attention to people who need to hear the life-transforming good news of Jesus. Some of these people will be students you pass on the street, see sitting alone in Costa or studying somewhere. When you feel the nudge from the Holy Spirit, will you say yes and share your faith? 

You have a part to play in this crazy exciting adventure that God is writing on campuses across the UK. I love students and equipping student workers. They’re our future world leaders, teachers, politicians, actors, and if we win them to the Gospel, our world will be transformed. If you’d like to chat more about reaching students, feel free to email me at