John Ford
Resources for Cross-Cultural Mission

Are you exploring cross-cultural church planting? Or serving cross-culturally in your home nation? If you are, I’d like to recommend three resources that have come out of the work of Unreached Network. They will be particularly helpful to you. If you answered no, keep reading anyway! All three of these resources will be of genuine benefit to you and others in your church community.

Global Humility

Over the last couple of years Dave Holden has mentioned Andy McCullough's book Global Humility: Attitudes for Mission as a great read. Andy was due to speak at the New Ground Leadership Conference in 2020, which had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. If you haven't read Global Humility yet, I'd recommend it as a key book on mission. If you’re not much of a reader, or if you want to recommend it to someone in your church who isn’t, Andy has produced a video course of 6 teaching sessions outlining the key themes of the book. You can access the course here:

Global Humility

The Biblical Basis for Mission

Have you, or others in your church, been looking for teaching on the big mission of the Church? If so, The Biblical Basis for Mission will serve you. This video teaching module looks at how Scripture itself ignites the flame for mission and gives a mandate for the gospel to reach the ends of the earth. This module includes teaching from Terry Virgo (on the big story of missions in the Bible and the importance of church planting), Simon Walker (on the priority of the gospel going to unreached peoples), Angela Kemm (on the priority of remembering the poor) and Scott Washa (on the godly ambition of preaching where Christ is not yet known). You can access the module here:

The Biblical Basis for Mission 

Dr Harvey Kwiyani – Unreached Conference 2021 Keynote Address  

The 2021 Unreached Conference was privileged to host, as its keynote speaker, Dr Harvey Kwiyani from Liverpool University, author of Multicultural Kingdom: Ethnic Diversity, Mission and the Church. Harvey has a special interest in contemporary mission in Europe and North America, including intercultural theology, migrations, and African Christians in the diaspora. Over two sessions Harvey brought a reality check and a challenge to how we view the Church, theology and mission, especially around integrating culture and diversity:

“God has given us gifts, but those gifts are not just for us…Those gifts are for our brothers and sisters around the world…The body will thrive according to the way that the members of the body exchange their gifts…The health of the body depends on the exchange…The body requires that all of us give and all of us receive.” 

You can find the talks here: 

Session 1

Session 2

Or you can read a thoughtful summary of Harvey's talks in this blog on the conference by Susie Howe and Nigel Ring:

Resetting and Rebooting Mission