Qu'as tu dans ta maison?

In 2017 I had a revelation about starting a baking business when I was listening to a talk by Pastor Mamadou Karambiri entitled "Qu'as tu dans ta maison?” (What do you have in your house?), based on the story of the widow in 2 Kings 4.

I felt that God was talking to me about starting a home-based business, but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. We were going through a hard time financially. I needed to work but it had to be from home as I had a 6-year-old, a 2-year-old and a baby and we couldn't afford childcare. I was asking God to show me what I could do to make some money that would still allow me to look after my children. Pastor Karambiri’s talk motivated me and I started brainstorming what I had in my house. I thought about my kitchen, because that’s where Elisha took the widow. (“I have nothing except a jar of oil.”)

At first I started making sugar cookies and selling them door to door, but I quickly gave up because having doors shut in my face really hurt my feelings. Next I started making waffles, chocolate eclairs, profiteroles and all sorts of continental patisseries. I was selling them at my children's school events and it was working quite well, but I just didn’t feel the sparkle, so I stopped, thinking maybe I had misunderstood the message. I kept baking, but just for us. Every birthday my husband Christian would take a cake to work to share with his colleagues and one day, one of his colleagues asked if I could make a birthday cake for her son. I was a bit scared, but I accepted the challenge… and it was a disaster! I made a 2-tier cake, but I didn't put in any dowels, so the cake on the bottom couldn’t support the weight of the top tier and it collapsed! She was incredibly understanding and they loved the cakes. Sometimes God works in such mysterious ways. I didn't charge her as I felt bad about it, but somehow this experience made me feel more confident about the business. I really believe that God put it on my heart.

I started telling people about my business, so they would know where to order their celebration cakes. At first, close friends and family ordered cakes to support me, but then, by word of mouth, I started to get customers from outside my close circle.

In the first year, 2018-2019, I had 1 or 2 orders a week, sometimes less. I was worried and I compared myself to others, which was the worst thing to do. I frequently asked God if this was really what He wanted me to do and He answered my prayers by sending me more orders which comforted me and increased my faith.

In 2020, during lockdown, my business really kicked off. I received orders almost every weekend. I was almost fully booked, and all from word of mouth. I was amazed at the way God blessed my business. I had to buy 2 cake fridges and they are almost never empty!

Today my business (Les Délices de Pamela) is going well. I'm not where I would like to be yet, (I would love to make more wedding cakes!) but I trust in God's way and I'm standing firmly on His promises. He will give me success and bring the right customers to me. I bake from the heart and pray blessings over my customers. My Heavenly Father is the CEO of Les Délices de Pamela and I will continue to trust in Him.