Emma Goulds
Sexual Violence Against Women

In today’s episode we welcome Emma Goulds onto the podcast to discuss violence against women and the challenges created by a hyper sexualised culture such as our own. Along with that we also discuss the #metoo movement started by Tarana Burke, and the need for church leaders to engage in the subject.

Emma is one of the cofounders of Orchards a charity that works in partnership with local churches to support women who have experienced different forms of sexual exploitation. Emma is also a leader at Beacon church London and a mum of 3 children.

More information about her charity can be found by visiting: https://www.orchardsuk.org/

And for links to some of her recent talks or blogs on the subject visit:

Youth Culture 2019 Address:

Blogs: https://www.orchardsuk.org/blog-2 & https://beacon-church.org/news/2021/3/19/a-response-to-the-death-of-sarah-everard-a-call-to-prayer

All of us involved with producing this podcast would like to thank Emma for her courage and willingness to share personal and vulnerable stories for the benefit of us all and to help us all learn. We honour you.