David Devenish
Spiritual Authority

Today’s conversation features David Devenish in conversation with Jez about Spiritual Authority.

Before being involved in full time ministry David worked as a Civil Servant and in international banking, and was part of the first UN working party looking at the problem of debt in developing countries.

Alongside this David planted Woodside Church in Bedford and served as part of the apostolic leadership team of Newfrontiers, as part of which he became involved (in the year 2000) working in the Russian-speaking world, which involved laying foundations in churches and training leaders - a work which has grown to include over 150 churches.

As well as this he has overseen New Frontier’s church planting efforts in the part of the world known as the 10/40 window which includes much of northern Africa and southern and eastern Asia.

David has also lead Catalyst a family of churches within NF, something he handed over to Simon Holley in 2017.

David is the author of several books including:

Demolishing Strongholds: shorturl.at/EIV26

What on Earth is the Church For: shorturl.at/jmX35

Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission: shorturl.at/joxL4

Succession or Multiplication: shorturl.at/gpJKP

Jez and David also reference Marcus Honeysett’s book ‘Powerful Leaders?’ Available here: shorturl.at/anZ02