Rosie Hopley
Sex Work, Women & the God of Love

Season 4 | Episode 8

In today’s episode Jez spoke to Rosie Hopley. Based in Bristol Rosie, for many years ran her own communications, PR and research business, whilst also founding the Christian charity ‘Beloved’ which works with women in prostitution in Bristol.

Rosie has since gone on to create networks and prayer gatherings and, more recently, has been involved speaking on and producing materials on the critical importance of God’s reconciling love lived out.

In our conversation we discuss her work with Jubilee+.
Along with referencing the recent Jubilee+ conference.
And a WomanAlive article written by Rosie.

Jez also made reference to a book written by Louise Perry on the impact of the Sexual Revolution.

At the start of the episode Jez made reference to the conference material now available on the New Ground website. You can find that here.