About us

The New Ground Academy is a two-year leadership training course, designed to sit alongside mentoring and hands-on experience in a local church context.

Who is Academy for?

The Academy is for current and future leaders. Many students already hold a leadership position in their church. We have a huge range of leaders including those who lead small groups and ministry areas, student, youth and children’s leaders, worship leaders and more. Some Academy students have been leading for many years; others have only recently started leading or are in training for a leadership role. We also welcome those recognised by local church as potential future leaders.

What does Academy aim to do?

We want to partner with churches in raising up leaders who will make disciples. We focus on four areas in which we want to help students grow:

Personal relationship with God

The foundation of Christian leadership is our own personal relationship with God. At the Academy, we want to challenge and equip students to deepen their relationship with God.

Leadership character

Character takes priority over skill in Christian leadership, so we put a strong emphasis on helping students grow in godly character.

Understanding of the Bible and how to read it well

Christian leadership should always be based on the teaching of Scripture. Across the two years of Academy, we help students gain a good grasp of the Bible’s overarching narrative and equip them to read the Bible for themselves.

Connection to New Ground

We are a family of churches caught up in God’s great mission to see many churches planted across the world and communities transformed by the love of Jesus. We help students catch something of who we are and connect with people across the New Ground family.

How does Academy work?

The Academy is a two-year course with four key elements:

For more information on how Academy works, click on ‘Format & Curriculum’

Where does Academy run?

The Academy runs in the UK, the Netherlands and France.

For more information on the Academy Bases, click on ‘Bases’.

To express interest or find out about training in Scotland, visit the Grow Leadership Training Programme.


We have worked hard to make the New Ground Academy as accessible as possible. The current cost for the UK base is £250 per year. Students at the Netherlands base typically pay €400-500 per year.

The Academy offers bursaries to students who are unable to afford the standard fees. We also want to encourage local churches to offer financial help to leaders within their church family who may need it.