Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Academy.

We have carefully crafted the New Ground Academy course to give students a rounded grounding for leadership. We therefore ask all students to commit fully to the Academy, making sure that they prioritise and take part in all elements of the Academy. We understand that there will be circumstances in which occasional absence is unavoidable, but we do ask for a high level of commitment to ensure that students get the most out of their two years with us.
There are no assignments at the New Ground Academy. However, we do ask students to spend at least two hours each month engaging with online learning materials, so it is important that students have the capacity to take this on. We also encourage students to read a handful of recommended books over the two years, although this is not compulsory.
We have worked hard to make the New Ground Academy as accessible as possible. The current cost for the UK base is £250 per year. Students at the Netherlands base typically pay €400-500 per year.

The Academy offers bursaries to students who are unable to afford the standard fees. We also want to encourage local churches to offer financial help to leaders within their church family who may need it.
Yes – definitely! Both men and women are welcome to apply for Academy. We are keen to have as balanced a cohort of students as is possible.
Click on ‘Apply’ above to apply for Academy in the UK.

To apply for the Academy in the Netherlands, email

To apply for the Academy in France, head to
You can access the Academy Hub here. Please contact the administrator of your training base for the password.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions.