The Teams

The New Ground Academy is run on behalf of the New Ground Core Team by Academy teams linked to each base.

United Kingdom

Dale Barlow (Academy Team Leader)

Dale is part of the New Ground Core Team and has responsibility for leading the UK Academy Team, as well as being the point-person for the other Academy base leaders.

Simon & Gwen Elliott

Simon leads the team at Everyday Church, London. Simon and Gwen are the main hosts for the Central Hub meetings in Wimbledon.

Andrew Bunt

Andrew is part of King’s Church Hastings and Bexhill. He is an author and speaker, as well as being part of the team at Living Out. He serves New Ground as a training and resources consultant. Andrew coordinates and oversees the teaching curriculum for the UK base.

Brett Melville

Brett is Operations Director for New Ground. He helps with administration and communications for the Academy.

The Netherlands

Dean Wilding (Academy Netherlands Leader)

Dean leads Redeemer Delft and is responsible for the running and future development of the Academy in the Netherlands.


Nathan Lambert (Academy France Team Leader)

Nathan is a part of the French Team for New Ground, and is an elder at Église Fireplace in Paris. He oversees the Paris base and the teaching material for the French speaking Academy.

Kévin Batista (Paris base)

Kévin is the leader of Église Expansion, a church plant in the western parisian suburbs. He helps in leading the Academy base in Paris.

Céphas Ruff (Paris base)

Céphas is a leader in the New Ground church in Le Havre, and he serves the Paris base of the French speaking Academy.

Joël Thibault (Rennes base)

Joël is an elder at Espérance des Nations church in Rennes and leads the Academy base in Rennes.

Rémi Gomez (South base)

Rémi is an elder at Lumières des Nations church in Lyon and is strongly involved in the teaching material for the French speaking Academy.

David and Véronique Bey (South base)

David and Véronique Bey are based in Geneva, at Renaissance church, and they also serve the southern base of the Academy. Véronique oversees the administration of the Academy for all of France.

Michaël and Louise Thébault (South base)

Michaël and Louise serve as leaders within the South base in the French speaking Academy, and are involved in leadership at La Source church in Montpellier.

Pierre Devogèle (South base)

Pierre is an elder at the New Ground church in Marguerittes and is involved in leadership within the South base of the Academy in France.