The Team

The New Ground Academy is run on behalf of the New Ground Core Team by the Academy Team. The New Ground Academy Team are:

Dale Barlow (Academy Team Leader)

Dale is part of the New Ground Core Team and has responsibility for leading the Academy Team, as well as being the point-person for the other Academy base leaders.

James Silley

James leads New Community Church in South East London, UK. He is active in a number of areas of the Wimbledon base, including teaching, and shaping the content, style and delivery of the teaching across the whole Academy.

Jez Field (Coaching - Thursday Evenings)

Jez leads the team at Life Church Seaford. He is responsible for the week-in-week-out coaching of each student by mentors in their local churches and takes a lead in our Thursday evenings.

Simon & Gwen Elliott (Interactive Learning - Saturdays)

Simon leads the team at Everyday Church, London, UK. Simon and Gwen both have prophetic, strategic and coaching gifts that help leaders to grow bigger whenever they spend time with them. They are responsible for the breakout discussions and interactive learning sessions, amongst many other things!

Kevin Rose (Academy Administrator)

Kevin is an elder at King's Church Oxted, Surrey, UK and the Operations Director of New Ground. He organises many aspects of the Academy, including most of the behind-the-scenes communication with the students.