£1500 The fee does not include accommodation in your home town, living expenses, travel costs to training or food. We suggest that additional savings/funds would be beneficial.
The in person training will take place in Cambridge.
Anyone over 18 ready to grow in God.
The year involves theological training, Christian discipleship, character growth and skill based development in church life.
A willingness to work hard in church life, step out of your comfort zones, and take on new responsibilities.
Good question! The best place to start is to talk to your own church leader and open up a conversation as to what might work best for everyone. It might be that staying put will serve you and your home church really well and that seems the obvious way forward. However, it might be that you have grown up in your church and want a different experience or what you want to do your home church isn’t currently involved in (eg student work or working with the homeless), so moving elsewhere might be better. Pray and commit your way to God – he has plans for you and it isn’t quite as tricky as you might think!